NOTE: Prepaid Legal Benefits are only available to eligible participants who were covered under a collective bargaining agreement between Charter/Spectrum (formerly Oceanic Time Warner Cable) and IBEW Local Union 1186 prior to November 21, 2014.

The Board of Trustees have retained Mr. Dexter Higa, Esq. of Law Office of Dexter T. Higa, a limited liability law corporation, to provide legal services to the participants and beneficiaries of the Fund. Mr. Higa has extensive experience in the workers' compensation field, personal injury cases, estate planning, real estate transactions, probate and family law.

Legal Services provided by Mr. Higa, to our Fund's participants:

  • The consultation and preparation for wills, trusts, and estate;
  • Consultation, preparation and representation in cases relating to worker's compensation claims;
  • Consultation, preparation and representation in cases relating to temporary disability insurance, social security, unemployment insurance claims, wage and hour claims except when such claims are against any Employer or its officers or its agents;
  • Consultation, preparation and representation in cases relating to change of name, breach of consumer contracts, preparation of deeds and conveyances, adoption, family matters relating to divorce, custody and guardianship, consumer credit and debt problems, probate, real estates sales or purchases for personal residence, disputes involving participant as a tenant, appeals (limit 1 appeal);
  • Legal services for a dependent spouse shall be limited to the following: consultation and preparation of wills, trusts, and estates, preparation of deeds and conveyances, and custody and guardianship.

Participants costs for Attorneys' fees.

Eligible participants and dependents will pay for each case they initiate, a co-payment fee as determined by the Trustees. The co-payment is calculated as follows:

For each case initiated, the Fund will pay for the first $300.00 of the legal fees charged by Legal Counsel. The Fund will then pay 80% of the remaining Legal counsel's fee. The Fund will pay a maximum of $3,000.00 for each case. The eligible participant co-payment is the balance of Legal Counsel fees plus tax and cost.

Cost and fees such as court filing fees, transcripts, service of process and related filing cost and attorney fees, court costs and other fees which may be awarded against an eligible employee or his dependent are not included as legal services and are to be paid by the eligible employee or his dependent.


Simple estate plan package for husband and wife (set fee)$1,500.00
Plus: Hawaii State Tax 4.16%$62.40
Filling Fees$20.00
Fund pays first$300.00
80% of balance$1,009.92
Co-payment by Employee$272.48

Employee's cost to prepare a simple estate plan package for husband and wife (includes trust, power of attorney, short form will, health care directive and deeds).

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